Types of Cushions You can Use Outdoors

The cushions are an essential part of your outdoor furniture, says The Foam Factory. They give you the comfort and relaxation as you enjoy the warm sun or the fresh outdoor weather. Given the harsh outdoor weather, you need to purchase a cushion form that is durable, firm with waterproof covering. Here are some types of cushion foams you can consider for your outdoors.

Polyester fiberfill

This material is not foam. However, it is a combination of polyester fiber that substitutes for the foam. This material is both affordable, resistant to mildew and does not cause any allergies. This fiber is put into the cushion fabric to give it shape.

Compressed polyester

Compressed polyester is also not a traditional foam material. In the compressed form, the material does not crumble or change color. It is also easy to clean and dry outdoors thereby making it a good patio cushion material.

Closed cell foam

This foam is also called floatation foam. It is water resistant and buoyant. It is made using PVC material that makes it stronger than the polyurethane foam. The foam is also used in cockpits and life vests as it does not absorb water.

Open cell foam

This kind of foam allows air and water to flow through the open cells. It has an antimicrobial mediator that prevents the growth of mildew. You can buy one that is merged with cushion fabric without the need of a cover material.

Your choice of the outdoor foam depends on the preferred material and the cost. Consider the type of furniture you have outdoors as well as prevailing weather conditions all year round.