The Storage Unit Basics that you should know

Self-storage is an industry that is gaining prominence in the United States. Also known as storage units or mini storage, it offers people and retailers ways of storing items currently not being used. The good thing about a storage unit is that it comes with all desirable features. A good storage unit should have moisture and climate control, electrical hook-ups and good ventilation. The cost of the storage unit will differ from state to state. For instance, you can rent a Phoenix storage unit for just $50 for a space measuring 5 feet by 5 feet. This is the same price in other states such as Alabama, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Ohio. However, storage units are much expensive in States like New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. For whichever reason, you require a storage unit, ensure that you acquire one that’s strategically located and one with a good price.

Storage unit security
In the United States, most storage unit buildings have been equipped with a gated security. What’s more, this gate has floodlights that are motion activated; they light whenever they detect movement towards the gate. With the development of technology, most storage units are being monitored by security cameras 24 hours in a day. When choosing a storage unit, choose a facility that is well guarded to keep safe your products. Also, determine whether your products require special storage units. Do your products need a controlled climate? If you are storing documents, valuable furniture or electronics, ask yourself whether they require moisture control. This is because such facilities with extra infrastructure cost more than the normal units.

Space and prices
Like mentioned earlier, the price of a storage unit in the United Space will be determined by size and location of the facility. Normal space sizes in the United States include 5ft by 10ft, 10ft by 10ft, 10ft by 15 ft., 10ft by 20ft and 10ft by 30ft.Like earlier mentioned, the average price of a 5ft by 10ft space is $35 to $50 per month. The 10ft by 30ft is more expensive at it goes for $175 per month. However, these are the prices for basic outdoor units. If you plan to acquire a storage unit with climate control, you will have to add $25 to $30 on the standard fee.

Buying a storage unit
For various reasons, people may opt to buy storage units rather than renting. Though uncommon, smaller units can go for as little as $3,000 to $4,000. However, a storage unit with a controlled climate may cost you $15,000. There are larger units that even cost $45, 000. People may opt to buy a storage unit to set up a shop or for the unit to be used by the family for generations for storing family goods.

Storage Units in the USA
Storage Units are mostly used in the United States. For instance, out of the 60,000 facilities available worldwide, over 45,000 facilities are found in the United States. When you store goods in a storage facility, remember to ask the owner about insurance policies. Some renters may offer you insurance while others may require you to buy on your own.