How Often Should You Have a Deep Carpet Cleaning?

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but the sad truth is that everyone has different ideas of what cleanliness entails. Whereas one person might be perfectly content to let a pile of dishes sit in the sink overnight, another might take umbrage at a single fork that isn’t immediately transferred to the dishwasher.

In addition, we all lead busy lives that can keep us from committing to frequent cleaning. When the demands of work and caring for your family take precedence, the chore list could go right out the window.

What does all of this mean for the cleanliness of your home? Well, you could end up with a carpet that gets pretty dingy over time. You don’t even want to think about the dust, dirt, dander, and other particulates that could be lurking there, triggering your allergies with every step.

The good news is that there’s help on the horizon. Even if your carpet is old or you haven’t kept it quite as clean as you should, you could return it to a nearly new state with the help of a service that specializes in deep cleaning carpeting.

In truth, if you want to protect your investment, you shouldn’t wait until the floor is so grimy you can’t stand to walk on it barefoot. How often should you deep clean your carpet? Here are a few considerations that will help you to figure it out.

Type of Carpet

The type of carpet you have could impact how often you need to clean. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you deep clean your carpet at least once a year, but circumstances could necessitate more frequent cleanings.

When it comes to the type of carpeting you have, several factors come into play. For example, natural fibers may need to be cleaned more frequently than synthetic, and a denser pile might be easier to keep clean. Some carpeting has the added feature of being pretreated with stain-resistant or stain-repellant products.

The color of your carpet can also make a difference. Lighter hues are going to show dirt and stains a lot sooner than darker counterparts, and this could cause you to deep clean more frequently. If cleanliness is important to you, a good rule of thumb is to schedule annual deep cleans at the very least.

Adding this task to your home checklist, along with standard items like servicing the HVAC, cleaning the gutters, and flushing the water heater, can help you to remember when to schedule a deep clean for your carpet.


How often you need to deep clean the carpet could depend largely on your household and how you use and abuse your carpet. A single person who keeps a clean and tidy home could get away with cleaning even white carpet just once a year, while a family of four with pets would never even consider buying white carpet in the first place.

If your carpet sees only minimal usage, as with, say, a formal dining room, annual cleaning should suffice. However, high-traffic areas like the living room and staircases could require 2-3 deep cleans or more each year if you want to keep them looking and feeling new.

Adding people and pets to the picture, along with the dander they shed and the dirt they track in, also ups the ante on cleaning. The more use a carpet gets, the more often you’ll need to deep clean to maintain its appearance. If you have allergy-sufferers in the home, more frequent deep cleanings are a must.

Your Cleaning Habits

As you can probably imagine, the amount of cleaning you do on your own could determine whether you need more regular deep cleaning. If you’re the type that religiously vacuums, day in and day out, you might not need a deep clean as soon as your neighbor that only runs the vacuum once in a blue moon.

Generally speaking, you should vacuum once or twice a week, depending on how much traffic and wear your carpet suffers. If you just can’t find the time to vacuum on schedule or your household has a lot of people and pets, you might need to schedule additional deep cleaning appointments with a reliable service like Chem-Dry of Omaha each year.

Warranty Considerations

It’s important to understand how your carpet warranty works. You can generally expect that the manufacturer warranty requires a deep cleaning every 12-18 months, although the exact specifications will depend on the manufacturer and the product you purchase. Regular deep cleaning will not only help you to maintain your warranty, but also keep your carpet looking spectacular for years to come.