Key Considerations When Choosing Patio Doors for Your Home

There are more choices than ever before when it comes to finding the best patio doors for your home. But with such a wealth of options available it’s more important than ever to take certain considerations into account when choosing your doors. Patio door design has evolved over the years with sliding glass door options, swinging door options, and, of course, the ever popular French door options and bifold options, all good choices even if certain styles are better suited for your home than others. However, aesthetics isn’t the only thing that should be your major determining factor. Functionality is also a pressing concern with the outdoor area behind the home also playing a role in the decision. In order to help you navigate through the selection process, here are some very important tips that you should keep in mind as you choose the right patio doors for your home:

Space Considerations

Your patio may have limited space, take that into consideration when picking your door. You don’t want to take up valuable real estate on your patio with doors that swing out, restricting the amount and type of furniture and other items you can place out there. For patios where space is at a premium, you may want to go with a sliding door instead or one swinging door instead of two.

Security Considerations

Patio doors are another entry way into your home and they should be treated with the same concerns for security as you would your windows. So choosing a door that has suitable security features such as multiple locking mechanisms, thick glass panes, and sturdy frames will provide your home with the proper protection from intruders.

Design Considerations

Your patio doors are meant to be a complement to the architectural design of the home, so choosing the right doors is going to largely depend on the way your house has been built. You may love the way French doors look and operate, but they might not really go with the rest of the home. Sliding doors may be too modern looking for the home in which you currently live and you may want to choose a different type. Your doors are supposed to blend in with your home, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Glass Considerations

Glass is one of the primary elements of patio doors and so you should put serious consideration into the type you use in your doors. We’ve already mentioned security and safety and tempered glass can go a long way to offering stability in your glass, but you also need to give a thought to energy-efficiency as well. Buying a door with energy-efficient glass will help keep your energy costs down and provide important ultraviolet protection to keep your belongings from getting faded by harsh sunlight. The right glass can also reduce noise pollution and prevent excessive sound and din from neighbors and nearby roadways. This is where you really need to invest your money wisely. Going with cheap glass that is thin and easily shattered could cost you significantly more in the long run.

Weather Considerations

Think about what your patio doors are supposed to keep out of your home. Wind, weather, raccoons, all of these things can prove to be a challenge to doors that may not have the right resistance properties to stand up to high winds, rain, sleet, dust, pollution, snow, and so forth. Remember, your doors represent the largest perforation in your home’s exterior next to your windows. That’s why you want to make sure they have the same resilience to ensure the safety of your home’s interior.

Material Considerations

The type of material used in your doors is also important. We’ve mentioned how weather resistance and stability against intruders is critical for picking your glass, but it’s also a substantial factor in the material utilized in the manufacture of your doors. They need to stand up to extreme temperatures and remain aesthetically pleasing without undergoing constant maintenance each year. Materials are also crucial for ensuring that your doors match your home’s design. So when it comes time to choose your materials, always go with something that is durable and easy to maintain for the life of your doors. Some of the most common materials that homeowners select are vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood panel doors because all of them do very well in weathering the outdoors while keeping the indoors well protected.