Getting Your Roof Repaired After Hurricane Season

Residential homeowners in Florida must stop and think whether it’s better to have their roof inspected and fixed after a single hurricane passes through or to wait until the hurricane season is over. During particularly busy hurricane seasons, only a few days can separate tropical storms and damaging hurricanes. You may be evacuated from your home and not be able to come back until the state of emergency has been lifted. Before you get an Orlando roofing repair quote, think about how you can greatly minimise your costs. If the forecast shows that another hurricane is slated to hit your area soon, you may not want to schedule any permanent repairs.

Tracking the Last Hurricane of the Season

According to Live Science, hurricane season lasts until late November. Unfortunately, that means that most homeowners in Florida have to deal with approximately four months out of the year in which they may sustain serious damage to their residential property. Simply put, having roof repairs done anytime before the end of November could result in even more essential repairs. You need to track the weather and see when the last hurricane is expected to hit before you look at scheduling an annual roof inspection. The only time that you will really need to have roof repairs done ahead of the end of hurricane season is when major damage is apparent.

Protecting Your Roof as Storms Pass Through

You can board up your windows and take measures to protect your home’s exterior doors, but the best protection you can apply to your roof should take place ahead of hurricane season. Have a roofing contractor reinforce all areas of your roof that look susceptible, get it fully inspected and have better peace of mind as the first hurricanes begin moving through. No roof system is guaranteed with withstand the force of a damaging hurricane, but roofs that are secure and well repaired stand up better than those with known vulnerabilities.

Upping Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

You’re also going to want to evaluate the type and amount of coverage you have on your home before stormy weather falls on your home. Consider the last time a strong hurricane moved through your area and also calculate how much you have paid out in home repairs in the past. It probably won’t be possible for you to up your homeowners’ insurance coverage in the days before a big hurricane hits. Instead, look at your home insurance coverage in the off season and determine if a change in your policy might keep your property better protected.

It can be decades or longer between major hurricanes. Unfortunately, when hurricanes of serious magnitude hit, they hit hard and leave a tremendous amount of catastrophic damage in their wake. You need to ensure that your roof is strong enough to stay in place when the wind reaches dangerous speeds, as you never know if you and your loved one are going to be inside. Have a roof inspection performed before hurricanes hit your area and again afterward to keep your house intact.