Garage doors and their four main types


Cars and personal transport as become very important. Everyone seems in hurry now days and wants to reach on their destinations on time. Because of the increasing traffic on roads, it seems almost impossible. Someone is traveling through public transport, the wait for bus or train makes things more difficult. That is way people prefer their cars or other type of personal transport to travel in and out of the city. Parking car in front of your house without any safety gear is not a good idea. It can be stole or damaged in a very serious way. This situation has made garage a very important part of houses or residential buildings are areas.  Even if a person is renting a house, his first demand will be having garage.

Garage is being made in three styles. It can be made outside of the house or it can be just a shed. Some people are making garages, which are attached to the house and have an inside door which let people come to the garage without going outside. These types of garages work best during storms and snowfalls because no one wants to get his dress wet because of rain or snow. Garages are best to safe cars from damages but they put the whole house in a very unsecure position. Ratio of crime has increased so much. Thieves and burglars try to enter in the houses through garages. In the past, many rubbers got successful in steel houses because the garages were not secure. Because of that, people came up with the idea of garage doors. In the beginning of the manufacturing of these doors, people were mostly using manual doors but know mostly people are using electric doors which is consist of an electric motor also known as opener. This motor let the door open and close on its own.

In the past garage door were being made in a very practical style but know architects and manufacturers are making these doors in beautiful styles, which can also provide a very strong security to the house and cars. Stylish garage doors are as important for the interior of the house as counter-tops are important for kitchens.


In the beginning of their manufacturing, these doors were being made only in steel but know these doors are being made in different materials such as aluminum, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl or glass. Garage doors Essex is mostly being made by wood.  Not just Essex, wood garage doors are getting popular in all over the world too.

Steel Garage Doors

For these garage doors, two layers of galvanized steel are being used and the surface of the door is being painted with top-coated finish. You can get these doors installed with or without insulation. The bad thing about these doors is that they can easily be dented and rusted.

Wood garage Doors

These doors are being made with different types of wood such as cedar, redwood, fir and meranti. They are being made in layers to prevent them from deforming.

Wood Composite Doors

These doors will have wood frame made with sheets of fiberboard. These doors are being made in a style that they give the look of real doors.