5 Things That Will Give Your House The “Wow” Factor!


We have all been amazed and a little jealous by the pictures of amazing looking houses on the internet. Many of us just sigh when we see these brilliant houses that have been designed in the most perfect way anyone could ever imagine. Most of us think that we can hardly make such changes to our own house. To get such a makeover for your house, you can do two things. First, you can call in an interior decorator that can help you out. The other thing that you can do is bring the change to your house by changing some things that are very apparent.

Getting excited, are you? Well, here are some things that you can change and redesign and it will make your house look very different and very “wow” worthy.

1. Wooden fences:

Many people think that fences are out of fashion. But the thing is that fences can never be out of fashion. Why? Because there are always techniques in which you can make your fence look unique and different. The outside of your house matters a lot when you are trying to make an impression on someone. There are so many styles and different types of wood materials that are used to make fences. They make your house look pretty and they also provide safety. It truly is a win, win situation.

2. Flooring:

Most people have the basic tile floor as their flooring choice because they believe it is the most convenient way no matter what. But why go for tiles when you can make such a better choice with wooden flooring. Some people might prefer stone flooring over tile flooring or wooden flooring, but you can go the unconventional way and choose something entirely different yet stylish.

3. Hotel style bedroom:

If you want to truly amaze and surprise your guests with your amazing house designing and styling talents, then make your bedroom into a hotel style one. That means white, soft, plush blankets and sheets and the fluffiest pillows ever. They will feel like they are staying at a high end resort with the way you have designed your bedroom. Throw in a soft, plush carpet that your feet can sink in as well, and there you have it. The most perfect bedroom that rivals any five-star hotel bedroom.

4. Unique storage ideas:

Another thing that you can add to your house is a unique storage space. Yes, you do not have to buy the same boring looking closets or trunks. You can design your own or have it custom made. Many people get chests made out of Rough Cedar Lumber because it is a great material to be used for this purpose. You can store your clothes or other things in this chest and it will be something new and vintage for your house.

5. Good lighting:

Good lighting in the living room can really set up the whole environment in the room. You can adjust the lights from a warm glow to really bright, according to the occasion.