How to Have a Bedroom Fit for a Celebrity Without a Celebrity Budget

When you’re a rich celebrity, it’s easy to get your ideal luxury bedroom. Just hire a bunch of designers and decorators until you find the ones that can give you exactly what you want. Of course, that would entail having the budget of a big celebrity. For most of us who don’t have that kind of power and money, we need to depend on our own resourcefulness and imagination.

Simply Rearranging Your Bedroom Can do Wonders

Before you go out looking for new stuff to spruce up the bedroom, have you tried just rearranging your furniture? Reconfiguring how you keep your stuff in the bedroom is the cheapest way to make it look newer and possibly more expensive.

Shift your stuff around. Start by figuring out where you want your bed to be. Will it look better right next to the window or in one corner of the room? Do you want to place it against a wall or do you want floor space on both sides of the bed? Because your bed is the very reason why you have a bedroom, you should rearrange your stuff according to where you’re planning to put it.

Rearranging your bedroom is a good way to maximize the stuff that you already have without digging into your non-celebrity budget. Also, while rearranging your bedroom, you should find the time to clean and declutter it as well.

Clean and Uncluttered Equals Luxury

Cleaning your bedroom won’t cost you one cent, and at the same time, it paves the way towards achieving a luxurious look. Think about it: without cleanliness, there can be no luxury. Even a decked-out, modern hotel room looks cheap when there are clothes and trash strewn all over the place.

Pick everything up and put all your things in their respective proper places. Bundle up messy cords and wires using zip ties, pins, clamps, or whatever’s available. Organize piles of books and reading materials on a bookshelf (or at least take them off the floor). Have a single box or drawer for all deodorants, cotton swabs, and other toiletries.

When you clean and declutter your bedroom, you’re not just creating more usable living space, you might also be avoiding sleep problems in the future.

Over-Decoration is Often Not Luxurious

There’s really no need to fill your bedroom with a bunch of expensive paintings, furniture, or electronics. In fact, overstuffing your bedroom with expensive finery is likely to end up with you having a crowded bedroom that’s not conducive for sleep.

A better move would be to limit the amount of extravagantly luxurious pieces in the bedroom. If you already have a 4-post bed frame topped with a firm, brand new mattress, then maybe you don’t need that 70s velvet couch. If you already have enough antique lamps keeping you company at night, then you don’t need any additional fancy lighting options.

The key is to not let yourself get carried away with furnishing the bedroom with fancy details. There needs to be visual balance, and you can only achieve that by actively avoiding over-decoration.

Clever Decoration/Storage Options Are Your Best Friends

Remember: bedroom luxury isn’t about the price tags attached to your furniture. Sometimes, luxury comes in the form of highly clever storage or decoration solutions.

For instance, certain carpets can look a lot better when hung on the wall. Some thrift store paintings worth less than $10 could be the bold decor that your bedroom has been missing. Old bowties can be used to tie up curtains. Non-blinking christmas lights can act as warm, dim, and comfortable bedtime lights.

Under-the-bed storage solutions can declutter your bedroom while also giving it a traditionally homey feel. Even the springs in old decrepit mattresses can be used to create new storage, lighting, and decorative options. As long as you’re online and have access to countless clever bedroom ideas, you won’t run out of affordable solutions to try.

While clever and imaginative bedroom solutions take time and effort, they’re also pretty easy on your non-celebrity budget. More importantly, they can give your bedroom a unique, personalized, and artistic look and feel that contributes to its overall luxury.